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new freshy this fall!

Hi everyone! My name's Steffi White and im gonna be a freshman at HSU this fall! I saw this community and i really want to meet some cool people before school starts, so here i am! I live in the SF Bay Area in a town im sure none of u have ever heard about but its called Albany, its about a mile wide and is just north of Berkeley.
I just got back today from my first visit up (i know, totaly redic that i havent gone before considering i live about 5 hours away) but i have fallen complely in love with the campus and the town! it was so hard to leave, if i didnt know i would be moving up next month i dont know if i could have! I have to admit tho, im pretty damn nervous about the whole thing, as expected. I keep feeling like there was some uber important thing i forgot to ask while i was there but i cant seem to remember it, Im sure u all know that feeling too.
Well just wanted to introduce myself and say a few things, Im so stoked that im gonna be a LumberJack! ^__^
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