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shit, its almost time to go!

dudes, i just realized something yesterday... im leaving for Humboldt in 2 weeks! well, 11 days to be exact. Tonight me and my parents started making plans on what i gotta do this week and next, pack up room and shit. Its just so crazy! any of u other ppl starting to get this feelin of excitment and sadness at the same time? Like graduation but a fuck load bigger. Something u think is so far in the future that its never gonna happen then all of a sudden BAM! it hits ya like a ton o' briks. its so hard to believe that in just 2 weeks my new life will begin! but damn, the worst part is the guilt! my parents are doing that whole "were gonna miss you so much! were gonna cry!" bit and its driving me nuts! anyone else have that too? ugh, i just know its gonna make me so homesick. >__<
oh yeah, does anyone happen to know exactly when skool starts? no one seems to know. i heard something about the 17th, but thats crazy early! Anyone gonna be in Sunset? everyone i been meeting/talking too seems to be in Redwood.
Good luck to everyone with moving anxiety, see ya soon! ^__^
<3 FiFi
p.s. Anyone going to the 15-18 orintation?
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