jiggity john t. hex warrior guy (spiffmeister) wrote in the_hsu_crew,
jiggity john t. hex warrior guy


Hey Humboldt! I am John T. Carter, just another HSU student who made a startling discovery today:

I was informed today by Associated Students that starting next semester students will be required to login to all computer lab computer. This information will be tracked, and will grant tech support on campus to track websites students visit, track pages printed by students, how long students are logged on, and even become a security risk for students who may forget to be logged out. We think this has some serious implications for students! This is coupled with the fact that there is no committee on technology on campus right now, so the students have no input, and most probably don't know this will be implemented.

Does this piss you off? Contact ME!! I am working on this with the Associated Students and the Computing Sciences Club. Together we're trying to build a task force against this.

Spread the word. Keep the faith. Can't stop the signal.
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